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- Rey Contreras,  CFO, Critical Mention 

- Former CFO, KBI Biopharma, Inc.

- Ben Lilienthal, Co-Founder & CEO, Vapps (Acquired by Citrix October 2008)


- Paul Nadjarian, Founder & CEO, Mojo Motors

"My entire experience with BFEC from initial meeting to post-closing has been exceptional. They demonstrated to me time and time again that they are truly dedicated to helping start-ups achieve their goals. If you have a start-up and need equipment financing, BFEC should be at the top of your list. I'm looking forward to working with them more as our needs grow."

"As CFO of Critical Mention, one of my goals is to nurture partnerships which will grow as our company grows.  WIth Boston Financial & Equity Corporation, we have found an ally who not only believes in our products, but also believes in building a lasting partnership.  Through the years, BFEC has supported us in projects large and small, showing exceptional flexibility and service.  I can unequivocally state that Critical Mention's partnership with BFEC has allowed us to become the leader in our industry."

"BFEC was an integral financial partner during the early growth phases of our company. Their people are honest, fair and flexible. They have always worked with us when our plans shifted. They were just the kind of financial "leg-up" that we needed when launching our business."

 "Vapps relationship with Boston Financial has been instrumental to the success of our start-up. Their willingness to learn about our business and then work closely with us as we grew and expanded has been a key component of our success. They have been a great partner in terms of setting appropriate expectations and following through on them. They use fair and rational criteria in evaluating capital outlays and are a committed partner in good times and bad."

Client Experiences

- Robert Marini, Jr., VP Finance, The NanoSteel Company

“NanoSteel has been doing business with BFEC for well over six years and they have been a great partner to work with.  BFEC has met or exceeded all of our expectations in securing competitive financing for all of our critical research & development equipment requirements.”

- Karl Alomar, VP Finance, Digital Ocean

“Working with BFEC provided Digital Ocean the equipment we needed to grow our business and service our increasing customer base. They worked quickly and were very responsive to our needs. BFEC understands the nuances of working with an early stage, growing company.”

- Ben Wallace, Chairman, Digital Bridge Communications

“Sale and leaseback is an important part of our growth and we didn’t want to use our cash on equipment that we could otherwise be using to grow our subscriber base. BFEC has both leased directly for us and been willing to buy equipment from us when we’ve had to invest cash on our own. BFEC is a full-service leasing partner and has helped the company with base stations as well as general office equipment. We are extremely happy with the service we’re receiving from each of our partners.”

" BFEC was the perfect fit for our young tech company. We were able to provide our team with much needed nano material development equipment at reasonable rates, while conserving cash. In addition, the BFEC team created flexible payment plans that matched our financial growth."


                                                  Christopher Morton, PhD, CEO, NanoPhotonica, Inc.

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