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We work with start-ups across all industries from sciences to technology and manufacturing.

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KBI Biopharma
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Mojo Motors

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Mitra Chem
Buffalo Biodiesel
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Industries we serve

We have over 35 years of leasing expertise working with entrepreneurs like you in Technology, Biotech, Fintech, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals/Drug Discovery, Therapeutics, and more.


We take pride in our clients’ success. Here are some of the clients we have helped.


Michael Landreville 
Chief Operating Officer 

“From the beginning and throughout our ongoing business relationship the experience with Boston Financial has been excellent. What really stood out to us was the time and effort put into understanding our industry and business needs so that when the time came to order the equipment needed to start our FDA clinical trial the execution was flawless.”

LensGen - Boston Financial
Carfax - Boston Financial

Mojo Motors

(Acquired by Carfax)

Paul Nadjarian 
Founder & CEO            

"My entire experience with Boston Financial from initial meeting to post-closing has been exceptional. They demonstrated to me time and time again that they are truly dedicated to helping start-ups achieve their goals. If you have a start-up and need equipment financing, Boston Financial should be at the top of your list. I'm looking forward to working with them more as our needs grow.”

Mitra Chem

Vikas Kante 
Head of Finance           

“Boston Financial was a trusted lender that operated with no surprises. They're low touch and straight shooters.”

Mitra Chem - Boston Financial
Citrix - Boston Financial


(Acquired by Citrix)

Ben Lilienthal
Co-Founder & CEO        

"Vapps relationship with Boston Financial has been instrumental to the success of our start-up. Their willingness to learn about our business and then work closely with us as we grew and expanded has been a key component of our success. They have been a great partner in terms of setting appropriate expectations and following through on them. They use fair and rational criteria in evaluating capital outlays and are a committed partner in good times and bad."

KBI Biopharma

William Ostrander
Former CFO          

"Boston Financial was an integral financial partner during the early growth phases of our company. Their people are honest, fair, and flexible. They have always worked with us when our plans shifted. They were just the kind of financial ‘leg-up’ that we needed when launching our business."

KBI - Boston Financial
Critical Mention - Boston Financial

Critical Mention

Rey Contreras
Former CFO          

"As CFO of Critical Mention, one of my goals is to nurture partnerships which will grow as our company grows.  With Boston Financial, we have found an ally who not only believes in our products, but also believes in building a lasting partnership.  Through the years, Boston Financial has supported us in projects large and small, showing exceptional flexibility and service. I can unequivocally state that Critical Mention's partnership with Boston Financial has allowed us to become the leaderin our industry."

LiVeritas Biosciences

W. Eric Webostad
VP Operations          

"We started with Boston Financial during the pandemic as a startup company. They took a big chance on us and worked with us with patience throughout the term of the lease. Everyone there was knowledgeable and easy to work with."

LiVeritas Biosciences - Boston Financial
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