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Why Lease?

Leasing is an integral tool for most companies, especially start-up firms. It allows them to obtain equipment without paying for it out of cash up front.  BF&EC has been working with start-ups since the early 1980s, and we continue to run our business with the highest standards and ethics. The process and its benefits are outlined below. 

You select the equipment

We purchase

You pay the lease monthly


  • 100% Financing with no down payment

  • Manage risk

  • Plan expenses for cash flow

  • Avoid getting stuck with out-of-date equipment


  • Year-to-date internal financial statements

  • Year-end financial statements

  • Equipment quotes

  • Projections & executive summary

  • Pitch deck


  • 36 months

  • True lease

  • Master lines with 12 month of availability

  • No PGs or additional collateral

  • No warrants

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